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Japanese Elm Zelkova serrata
I’m ​Zen, the Japanese Elm and native to Japan and Eastern China. I’m known for my graceful lines and attractive bark. Elm is the tree of harmony; I symbolize inner strength, intuition, and wisdom. ​I like full sun or bright indirect sun. To water, submerge my pot in water for 15 minutes. Submerge about once every 5 days.I benefit from good air circulation, near a fan or open window. In winter, keep me in a cooler location far from heaters and near a humidifer if the apartment gets very dry. Keep me in temperatures between 50-80 ̊F. You can give me a big haircut twice a year to keep me from getting too long and leggy. I'll sit and meditate with you.

*Shipping only available to the U.S. excluding Alaska and Hawaii