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    Johnnie Walker has teamed up with singer-songwriter Joji to bring music and whisky fans 21+ a unique highball cocktail experience with The Honeycomb Highball Cocktail Courier Kit. An inspired take on the classic highball, The Honeycomb Highball features the creamy toffee notes and warm smoke finish of Johnnie Walker Black Label paired with Joji Nectar, rich tamarind and floral earl grey.

    In celebration of Joji’s highly-anticipated second album Nectar, the Cocktail Courier Kit features everything you need to mix up the delicious Honeycomb Highball including Johnnie Walker Black Label, a custom-engraved Joji x Johnnie Walker bar spoon and Joji’s very own honey. Best of all, you might just find a surprise in your kit!

    Turn up the tunes, grab a highball glass, and enjoy a delicious Honeycomb Highball to toast to Joji’s latest album!

    Head to Cocktail Courier to purchase the Honeycomb Highball kit.